Birth of the side hustle

Yes we work for great companies that try their best to accommodate our financial needs but we all know that salaries are struggling and if you want to look good, party, travel mele uphume ube yi pantsula uhambe pantsi.

Me and some of my friends have “side hustles” a flexible business that supplements the monthly income you receive from your 9 to 5.

Some people’s side hustles align with their career like a person in Public Relations would be a free lance writer but some of us have went outside our areas of expertise to make a little extra cash. The hustle doesn’t matter, inyuku iyafana.

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This is my favorite person to support Thabiso Motloung, one reason, he is very creative.  9 to 5 on week days he’s an Auditor at Toyota Financial services but everyday of his life his runs a printing and branding business. He’s the guy who prints my statement t-shirts.

“My business is my baby, it’s a passion that I get paid for. I have the freedom to play around and be creative and come up with new ideas”

More than that Thabiso sees his side hustle as a legacy that he will one day leave for his daughters.


An Account Manager at Magna Carta by day who blogs on ByMaletsatsi by night and also manages a youth culture website Le’Afrinique.

She also sells doeks on her blog

“I love what I do on both byMaletsatsi and Le’Afrinique because I get to express my passion points which makes me happy, the only thing missing is that extra income – the income I get I put it back to the business”

Maletsatsi hopes that one day her side hustles could provide stability and match her current 9 to 5 salary so she can do them full time.


Simple, I sell Waist Trainers.

Totally outside of my career right since I do Public Relations? not really, I sell these babies on Facebook and Instagram  so there’s your social media and I have to deal with people and that’s your Public Relations. It’s the best decision I have ever made, it freed me from the FNB Temporary loan prison sentence I was serving, lending month after month 😦 .But now I am balling son, I can go on vacations.

I don’t really have a plan or goal but I do enjoy meeting different girls and making them smile.

Whats your side hustle?

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  1. good morning

    I have embarked on an online store that pushes black-native talent to the fore. I am interested in seein gwhat your designs or T-shirts look like. As the platform will be the best one in 12 months and of its kind, my Life is in this too and your listing on the online store will be a huge impact. Gogo I want you on the platform.

    lets talk business. and if possible please do send your pics so I can see how you work. we doing high fashion AND NO COMPROMISES LA’



    Kind Regards Hamilton Theka 0617995938 0761638768


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