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Anyone who knows me will tell you how much of a fitness fan I am, in-fact the birth of my side hustle was inspired by my search for a waist trainer after I had given birth to Qhawe. I had worn myself out looking for perfect a trainer that would not hurt me while I... Continue Reading →


Birth of the side hustle

Yes we work for great companies that try their best to accommodate our financial needs but we all know that salaries are struggling and if you want to look good, party, travel mele uphume ube yi pantsula uhambe pantsi. Me and some of my friends have "side hustles" a flexible business that supplements the monthly... Continue Reading →

Idlozi Lam’…My Depression

I was having major relationship problems, I literally tore myself apart trying to figure out what I could do to save that sinking ship and I thought that's the reason I was sad all the time. When it became evident that I cannot save the relationship, I cut communication with everyone, I had no desire... Continue Reading →

A Zulu Proverb

I made my own Zulu Proverb "Angisazi Is'lungu" translated to English "I don't know English"    This proverb was influenced by my daily struggles with the English language. Working in Public Relations I am expected to be skilled in this language, be able to construct sentences in a flash. I get this done Kodwa kunzima... Continue Reading →

The Tokoloshe

Yho Guys! This movie is creepy, so creepy that I was the only one in the cinema. You guys are chickens! you saw the trailer and ran. Niyasha shem. The hospital that Busi gets the night shift job from screams “possessed by ghosts” you would have to be really desperate to even apply for a... Continue Reading →

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